Old Pal Ale


Return to the way it was, and always will be. 16 fluid Ounces. Best when coooold.
A can of Old Pal Ale


Take one down and pass it around. It's just beer. 4.7% Alcohol by Volume. Better with friends.
It's just beer y'all
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It's just beer y'all

Beer for the people

Old Pal Ale is all about bringing people together to share the pleasures of life. It’s the kind of beer you can take on weekend getaways or just keep in your fridge for whenever pals stop by. With optimal drinkability and shareability, this high-quality brew captures the essence of everything Old Pal stands for: live free, spread love, and toast to the good times ahead.
16 Fluid Ounces
Quality Suds
for You
and Your Buds
4.7% Alcohol by Volume

Easy Drinking Bliss

The new Old Pal Ale is a classic, shareable beer with supreme drinkability. Utilizing the finest ingredients and brewing techniques, this premium ale is light, crisp, and buzzing with good vibes. It’s smooth and easygoing, never taking itself too seriously and always ready to be shared with friends.
After all...
It's just beer y'all

Where To Find OPA

Available in 4-Pack 16oz Cans — Pick-Up Only

Available at all 3 locations of King Harbor Brewing Company in the South Bay, California


  1. Thurs 4PM-10PM
  2. Fri-Sun 12PM-6PM
2907 182nd Street
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
(310) 542-8657


  1. Sat & Sun 12PM-6PM
132 International Boardwalk
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(310) 374-1400


  1. Sat & Sun 12PM-6PM
1719 South Catalina Avenue
Redondo Beach, CA 90277
(424) 452-6063